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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for any vehicle used for business purposes, including couriers, snow plow operators, and truck drivers. Commercial vehicles are not covered under personal auto insurance policies, so business owners with commercial vehicles should consider buying commercial automobile insurance.

Business owners can purchase this insurance for any number of vehicles. Different policies provide different coverage, so business owners can choose the policy that suits their needs. Types of coverage can include collision coverage for damages caused by accidents, medical payment for any injuries or hospitalization, coverage for property damage, settlements for personal injury claims as a result of an accident, and towing costs.

If an accident occurs that results in damage to the vehicle or injury to a person involved, the business owner can file a claim with the insurance company to receive compensation for any expenses. The insurance company will cover up to the policy’s limit.

If a business owner or employee uses their own vehicle for any business-related tasks such as making deliveries, transporting materials or equipment, or transporting people, they should purchase commercial auto insurance. Some regular automobile insurance policies will not cover damages that occur while using the vehicle for business purposes.

The cost of a commercial automobile insurance policy depends on the number of vehicles covered, the risks involved with the business, and the amount of coverage being provided. Insurance companies also take into account the drivers’ records and ages. Drivers with a clean driving record will have lower rates, and generally, drivers between the ages of 30 and 65 have lower rates than people outside of that age range. Vehicles used for construction tend to have the lowest insurance rates, while passenger vehicles or delivery vehicles have higher rates. Vehicles that carry loads heavier than 10,000 pounds often have the highest insurance rates.

Commercial automobile insurance is tax deductive for business owners, employees, and those who are self-employed.